Want to Sponsor this Event?

The Card Maker Success Summit is a great way to get your brand noticed by thousands of consumers.

Statistics from our last event

  • 50K unique vistors to website during the month of the summit
  • 400K unique page views
  • 15K registered attendees
  • 7K attendees in highly engaged facebook attendee group
  • 2400 purchased VIP All-Access Pass

Results from Post Summit Attendee Survey

  • 25.4% said they purchased from a summit sponsor during the event
  • 52.2% said their favorite sponsor of the summit was one that participated in a live stream event

Estimated revenue generated

Assuming 20% of the attendees who clicked through a presentation page sponsor link made a $20 purchase, the estimated revenue generated is $12K. This figure is conservative.

Of our sponsors who provided an exclusive promo code during a livestream, the average gross revenue was $4000, 700% ROI.

View our current sponsorship deck for the July 2022 Card Maker Success Summit

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