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Hey there my crafty friend!  I'm so excited to team up with you to pull off something thing that is going to be absolutely epic!

The Card Maker Success Summit is a 4-day event that will help card makers spark their creativity and rock their year round occasions card making projects.

On this page, you will find all kinds of resources meant to make your life easier as a speaker as easy as possible and answer any question you might have.  If you run into a question I didn't answer, email me at here or ask it in the Speaker Facebook Group.

As a speaker, you'll also get free access to the VIP All Access Pass!

Quick Access Links

How it'll all work

Let's do a quick rundown of how the event will work.

The event will run from Thursday, February 17, 2022 to Sunday, February 20, 2022 with a FB Live Kick off the evening of Wednesday, February 16th.  There will be 6-7 pre-recorded demonstrations running each day.  These presentations will be 20-30 minutes long of content (with up to a 3 minute pitch for a freebie resource) and a live chat.

While the presentations themselves are pre-recorded, all speakers are asked to attend their presentation time live to interact with the attendees in the chatbox.  There is no video component, so attendance in your PJs is recommended!

Along with the live (pre-recorded) demonstrations, there will be a Facebook group for attendees to hang out in, hold each other accountable, and ask all of us additional questions.  If attendees have good questions while your presentation is going on, you will have the opportunity to go live in the Facebook group for a bit of an encore to answer those questions, connect with the attendees, and provide even more value. Although you might want to wear more than PJs for that 🙂 LOL.  Or you can continue the conversation in a dedicated fb thread.

The additional Facebook live is not a requirement, but I anticipate you will have a great time doing it and the attendees will see so much value in it.

There will also be a special evening events for those who purchase the VIP All-Access Pass.  Attendance as a speaker is not required, but of course you're more than welcome to join us and network with fellow attendees.

Leading up to the summit, we will have two weeks of promotion.  You'll be provided with email copy, social media swipe copy, and social media graphics to make it all easy!  As a speaker, you will be asked to promote at least one time on social media and once to your email list, but promoting more can result in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in affiliate commissions.  Yay!  I'll even have a suggested posting/sending schedule for you to make promo easy to outsource to a VA.

During the promotion phase, as the summit is running, and for the week after the summit is complete, we'll also be promoting the VIP All-Access Pass.  The VIP All-Access pass includes lifetime access to demonstrations as well as some bonuses we'll all team up to throw in.  This will provide immense value to our attendees, while making the work of promoting and creating a video demonstration worthwhile by allowing you to bring in affiliate commissions.  Yay!


What I'll need from you

So this all sounds great, but what kind of work does it require of you? Let’s chat about it! My goal is to make this all as easy as humanly possible so we can all have a blast while providing great value and growing our businesses.

1. Basic Information

The first thing I’ll need is some very basic information from you so I can finish up our registration page and Speakers page (Note these links are to the Summit in July 2021 to give you an idea of what will be on these pages)

This information includes things like:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Bio
  • Square headshot

Once you give me the thumbs up that you’re in, I’ll send you a link where you can upload all this information easily.

2. Demonstration Slot Scheduled

The next thing I’ll need is for you to schedule your demonstration slot! Click here to see the list of times that are available and to schedule yours. (Slots are first-come first-served so if you have a tight schedule be sure to grab your spot right away)

While your demonstration will be pre-recorded, you’ll still be required to be in the chat live during your time slot to answer questions and connect with attendees. During this slot, once your demonstration has had time to air, you’ll also be able to jump into the Facebook group for an encore and to answer any great questions that weren’t answered in your demonstration. (These Facebook lives will also be added to the VIP All-Access Pass).

3. Choose the occasion or theme you will create your card around

In order to not have a multiple "thank you cards" or "birthday card" projects, we have pre-populated a list of occasions/themes to choose from.  Click here and choose which occasion/theme you would like to have your card centered around.  Once at the file, type your name next to the occasion you want.  If you can not find an occasion or theme that fits you, please reach out to Brandi to discuss other ideas.

4. Demonstration

Next up is your demonstration! This is a 20-25 minute pre-recorded demonstration that is meant to be more friendly and casual than perfect and structured. We want our attendees to learn something great, while having fun in the process.

Please structure your content in a way that allows attendees to walk away feeling like they've really learned something, rather than a webinar format where they feel like they're missing something that they need to buy from you asap.

Max number of cards made in the project should be 2.  We want the audience to walk away with a solid sense of how to recreate the card.  You can fast forward a technique as long as it is repeated at least once.

With that being said, you have your choice of the following demonstration formats:

  • Video with Voiceover (requires more edits)
  • Video with No Voiceover - Talk as you make the card (requires more pre-planning so you do not go over the time limit)

No matter what format you choose, you are free to use your demonstration however you’d like in the future. I would suggest not to use the demonstration on your free social media channels as this will diminish the value of the VIP All-Access Pass.

Your demonstration should include great, actionable content. Here’s the suggested format:

  • A quick introduction
  • An overview of your topic
  • Where people go wrong with your topic and tend to overcomplicate it
  • Teaching section
  • Specific action steps (with the goal of simplifying their existing process)
  • Up to a 3-minute pitch for a freebie resource you offer (text overlay of the link they need to go to on YOUR WEBSITE to get the freebie resource).
  • Include questions for attendees to answer in the chat box throughout to boost engagement

An example of my freebie is my FREE CRAFTROOM ORGANIZATIONAL CHECKLIST. It is a short pdf resource that people can sign up for when the opt in with their email addresses.

Demonstrations are due by November 11, 2021.

Find a PDF download with all this info here.

5. Worksheet

We will be providing worksheets to the attendees on each demonstration.  The worksheet will include any prep cut dimensions, step by step written instructions, a supply list, and any printable that is required to make the card.

You may provide a link to your website that goes to a supply page, but we will also be listing the supplies on the worksheet.

Your business contact information will be included on the worksheet.

When a worksheet is downloaded, the attendee's name and email will be collected.  Speakers will be given the names and email addresses of the attendees who download the worksheet associated with their demonstration.

Worksheet information is due November 18, 2021..

6. Project Photographs

You will need to provide at least 2 flat lay images of your finished product.  The more images you can provide the better.

Guidelines for images:

  • In focus and brightly lit
  • No watermarks
  • Square aspect ratio 1:1
  • If you do 2 card projects, at least one with both cards in a single photo

These photographs will be used in the promotion of the summit and the VIP All-Access Pass.

The photographs are due by November 22, 2021.

7. Freebie Resource information

If you decide to mention a freebie resource in your presentation,  I will need the url that the audience member needs to reach the opt-in form or landing page for your resource. The automation of the resource must be working at the time of this due date.

 The photographs are due by November 25, 2021.

8. Speaker VIP All-Access Pass Contribution Bonus

The VIP All-Access Pass will be a huge addition to the demonstrations we’re running. To make it even more valuable, I’ll ask each of you to provide one resource to add. This includes things like:

  • eBooks
  • Workbooks
  • Courses (big or small)
  • 1-month memberships
  • Patterns or Printables

Note: I expect this to convert well so I do not recommend contributing any 1:1 offers, as you may be overrun with attendees taking you up on this offer.

It’s totally up to you to decide whether you’d like to create something new or provide something you already have. While this isn’t required, it’s highly encouraged that you participate.

Anyone who does contribute a premium resource (aka not something you're giving away for free somewhere else) will get a 55% affiliate commission on sales, rather than 50%.

Information for these resources is due on December 2, 2021. You'll receive a questionnaire to fill out closer to that time to make passing the information to me nice and simple.

9. Promotion

The power of an online summit comes from a group of experts coming together for a single cause. The joint promotion that happens because of that is a huge benefit to everyone involved.

Because of that, everyone is encouraged to share on social media and to email their lists during the promotion period, starting on February 2nd at 12:00pm EST.

You’ll want to share using your affiliate link so you can get in on the 50% commission that will come from any VIP All-Access sales (55% if you've contributed a premium bonus).

At the time of this resource being written,  we will be using Thrivecart for our shopping cart and affiliate program. This is always subject to change, but we have been happy with Thrivecart so I don't anticipate changing this tech.

I will also be providing swipe copy and graphics for you to use in your promotion and that will become available as we get closer to the event as well.

I will be doing a soft launch to my email list starting January 27th.  Approximately 5% of my email will be with my own affiliate link to test tracking of affiliate sales only.  The rest of the email list will be with a non-affiliate link. This is to test the tech and attempt to work out any issues before all speakers and affiliates begin to promote.  I would rather it be my audience that experiences the glitches than yours.

I will also start a facebook ad campaign (non-affiiate link) on the 29th.  This is to allow time for the facebook ad agolorithm go through it's "learning phase", which takes approximately a week.  The main focus of the facebook ad campaign is to gain more attendees, which will ultimately benefit all speakers.

All remaining promotions from the host will use a non-affiliate link, so that we do not unfairly compete with our speakers for sales.

10. Live Participation

And last comes participation during the week of the event. Since we’ll already have done the work of creating the presentations and extra resources, we’ll be able to sit back and relax for the most part!

All I ask is that you participate in the chat during your demonstration slot and interact in the Facebook group throughout the week to help attendees stay excited and engaged. It is also encouraged that you do a quick facebook live in the attendee facebook group immediately after your demonstration has aired to keep the engagement going.

While you are not required to attend the events of other speakers, it’s highly encouraged! We’ll be able to get some great discussions going about the topics being presented.

Additional Details Regarding Freebies and AAP Contribution Bonuses

  • You are encouraged to create a freebie resource and opt in form on your website to direct people to so they can sign up and get your resource file


  • You are encouraged to create a more valuable bonus to contribute to the AAP. This allows the AAP perceived value be even greater. Additionally it allows more opportunity for audience members to sign up


  • Your AAP should be 100% completely free and have a value of at least $20. We ask that you keep the bonus available to VIP AAP members for at least 30 days after the summit has closed to give them time to redeem their bonus


  • You can offer a 2nd bonus as a discount or promo code to your store or an affiliate brand, only if you provided one a free resource valued at $20


  • You can sell your bonus on your website at any time, and we encourage you to do so. Again because doing so increases the perceived value of the AAP.

Affiliate Details

While summits are great for overall visibility and making new connections, a little extra income never hurts either, right?

That’s exactly why I’ve set up an affiliate program for the VIP All-Access Pass where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from traffic you refer to the event. Payouts will be made through Teachable 30 days out from when they are earned on the 1st day of the following month.

The commission structure is as follows:

  • 50% for all speakers
  • 55% for all speakers who include a premium bonus 

The pricing structure will be (subject to change):

  • $49 for 20 minutes after initial registration
  • $79 up until February 16th
  • $99 during the summit February 17th-20th
  • $139 after the summit ends until February 23rd

At this point I am still considering if I will continue to sell the summit VIP All-Access Pass as an evergreen product, but if I do and your attendee signs up under your affiliate link, you will still get credit!

To make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income, the Resource Vault will includes things like email swipe copy, social media copy, and social share graphics. However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy and even run your own Facebook ads. 

Just remember to use your affiliate link.  I will be creating and sharing those with you as we get closer to the event.

As with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience.

Disclosure:  We will have non-speaker affiliates who will also be promoting the event to drive more attendees.  They will be compensated 40% & 45% (depending on if they decide to contribute a bonus or not.  Typical commission rates for digital products such as ours is typically 30%-40%.

Resource Vault

I will be providing links to all of the promotional graphics and swipe copy here as we get closer to the event.

Current Action Steps

Phew! That was a lot of information! You are awesome to make it this far! 🙂

Just a recap, here are your current action steps.

  • Let me know you are in, or schedule a time to chat.
  • Join the Facebook Group
  • Provide your basic information when the link comes through
  • Schedule your demonstration slot
  • Select your occasion or theme for your project. (This will be a live link later once the speaker line up has been decided.  Check back later)
  • Let me know if you have any questions up to this point!

Remember to grab your to do list and get things added to your calendar.  If you are like me, if it is not on the calendar then it doesn't get done!

Important Dates

Here is a list of key dates to remember:

  • Basic information: As soon as possible
  • Demonstration Time Slot Selected: As soon as possible
  • Edited Video Demonstrations Due: Nov 11th
  • Worksheet Information Due: Nov 18th
  • Project Photographs Due: Nov 22nd
  • Freebie Resource Due: Nov 25th
  • VIP All-Access Pass Contribution Due: Dec 2nd
  • Promotion Period: Feb 2nd-Feb 16th
  • Summit Dates: Feb 17th-Feb 20th
  • Affiliate Payouts: 30 days after the commission has been earned paid on the 1st of the following month

Something I missed? Email me at support@stampmesomelove.com or pop into the Facebook Group