So you want to become a Speaker for our next Card Maker Success Summit?

Dates for the next Card Maker Success Summit

February 17-20, 2022

Important Deadlines:

  • Formal Speaker Applications Due - 9/13/21
  • Speaker Line Up Finalized - 9/25/21
  • Speaker Bio Info Due - 10/15/21
  • Speaker Presentations Due - 11/11/21
  • Speaker Supply list & Step by Step Instructions Due - 11/18/21
  • Project Photos Due - 11/22/21
  • Speaker Freebie Info Due - 11/25/21 ** if offering one
  • Speaker All-Access Pass (AAP) Contribution Due - 12/2/21 ** if offering one

What we are looking for:

  • 23-30 speakers
  • Looking for all types of card maker influencers/teachers
  • Diversity in techniques and mediums used

Application details:

  • An example of your work teaching card making techniques on video is required. ie Youtube channel or other recorded video
  • Videos must be either edited with voice over, or your voice talking while you are making the project. No videos with just music overlays will be accepted.
  • The video example for your application does not have to be newly created content. You can repurpose something made before to show an example of what you can do.
  • You will be asked for stats on your email list, insta following, youtube following and website monthly page views. This is used to help balance our speaker line up. We want a good mix of seasoned plus up and coming card maker influencers. Your work and how well you are able to teach will ultimately decide if you are selected.

Presentation requirements:

  • Videos can be longer than 25 minutes or less.
  • A max of 2 cards should be created. Simplicity over complexity is the best route to go.
  • Make sure to show each technique at least 1 in its entirety before fast forwarding the footage. We want our audience to walk away with a good understanding of how a technique is done.
  • You may and are encouraged to pitch a freebie resource in your video presentation. This is an opportunity to get more folks to your website to opt in to your lead magnet and give you their email address.
  • Your presentation can be used again for another similar event, but you can not provide it freely on your website or social media channels. Doing so would diminish the value of the All Access Pass.

Freebies & All-Access Contribution Bonuses:

  • You are encouraged to create a freebie resource and opt in form on your website to direct people to so they can sign up and get your resource file
  • You are encouraged to create a more valuable bonus to contribute to the AAP. This allows the AAP perceived value be even greater. Additionally it allows more opportunity for audience members to sign up
  • Your AAP should be 100% completely free and have a value of at least $20. We ask that you keep the bonus available to VIP AAP members for at least 30 days after the summit has closed to give them time to redeem their bonus
  • You can offer a 2nd bonus as a discount or promo code to your store or an affiliate brand, only if you provided one a free resource valued at $20
  • You can sell your bonus on your website at any time, and we encourage you to do so. Again because doing so increases the perceived value of the AAP.

Want some free training?

We have a free hour and half training on "How to Elevate Your Craft Business with a Summit".  In this training we cover the following topics:

  • Why having an email list, you can market to, is so important
  • Ways to effectively get your audience to give you their email address
  • What is involved in being a speaker of a craft summit
  • How a craft summit can elevate your brand and increase your email list and make an income while doing it
  • Some case studies from our last summit
  • What are the next steps to applying to become a speaker for our next summit

If you are interested in getting the link to the replay for this training, just reach out to us at

Would like to chat with Brandi?

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