Troubleshooting Tips

If the presentations pages aren't loading, please try the following tips

  • Refresh your page

  • Clear your browser history/cache

  • Reboot your modem/router equipment

  • Reboot your computer

  • Make sure no one else is hogging the internet/wifi

  • Try using a different web browser (chrome, safari, etc)

  • Try using another device or go to another location

  • Unless it is a system wide issue on our end, we will not be able to assist you or give extended viewing time.

  • If we do experience a system wide issue, we will decide as a team how to handle the situation then email everyone with the solution.

  • Tech issues and questions about your account should be directed to These types of posts in the facebook group will be declined, as there are too many posts and comments for us to provide support responses in the group.

We have found the following links may also be helpful in turning off pop up blockers and addressing page redirects:

Support for Chrome users

Basic Support for all browsers