You got your upgrade!

The VIP All-Access Pass is all yours! You should receive an email shortly with details. In the meantime, access your resources with the below instructions.

To access your VIP All-Access Pass:

Click here to login to the Stamp Me Some Love Academy, which is on the Teachable platform.  You will use the same email you used when you purchased the VIP AAP.


If you already have a Teachable account from another school, then you will use the same password that you have with Teachable. (see example image below)

teachable login

If not, then Teachable will automatically send you an email to set up your password. Be sure to look in your spam folder if you can not locate the email.

You can always click the "Forgot Password" if you can't remember your password.

Once you login, Teachable may display a message that says recognizes you are using a new device.  It will tell you to check your email to get the code. Again, if you don't find the email with the code, check your spam folder.

If you run into questions or issues, email here at brandi @